Joplin Will Save Tesla Over $1 BILLION

Missouri offers Tesla an incredible amount of incentives and savings, reaching the figures of 1 billion dollars. One month ago, it was less than that and Tesla did not speak about the offer. Now they are changing the whole scenario with this new proposal.

A week ago, Tesla received the official proposal: “Approximately a week ago, the city of Joplin and the Chamber of Commerce put a formal bid together and submitted it to Tesla corporate.” But the Cybertruck creator has more than just one bet at this time, cities like Austin, TX, and Tulsa, OK, offered a massive 1500-acre plot of land for the upcoming new Gigafactory. 

Joplin’s website focuses on the benefits:


  • 1,042 acre site at 50% discount
  • 100% tax abatement for 12 years (EEZ to 2032)
  • Missouri Works Incentives
  • Missouri Automotive Incentive tax credits
  • State and local sales tax exemptions
  • Missouri BUILD incentives
  • Plus over $75 million in annual payroll savings, compared to manufacturing and engineer wages in markets like Nashville and Austin.”

Now it is up to Tesla to choose from all the proposals. Times are getting hard economically all over the world, and this is quite a good chance to empower electric mobility at an initial low cost.

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