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Rivian R1T Pushed to 2021 Due to Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing issues in all industries, and the car industry is one of the more affected ones. Rivian had plans to release their new cars this year, but because of the recent events, they are expected not to show up before 2021.

The original plan was to start production on the old Mitsubishi factory in Normal, IL later this year. The company had to stop retooling the plant due to quarantine restriction. Rivian is one of the most anticipated new car manufacturers to launch their vehicles on the market. The company had investments from Amazon, Ford, and Cox.

Amy Mast, Rivian’s spokeswoman, said that employees are working from home and will be paid as long as the shelter in place lasts. The company has the intention to hire around 1000 new workers soon.

The company sent e-mails to pre-order holders alerting of the delay.

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