Rivian and Amazon Integrate Alexa to the R1T and the R1S SUV

The American automaker Rivian got a significant investment from Amazon last year. Now it will integrate Alexa, Amazon´s voice assistant, to the company´s first electric vehicles.

R1T and R1S SUV will allow the owners to access all Alexa features. These include playing music, climate control, opening and closing the trunk, placing calls and navigation. Along with other specific vehicle features, such as remotely tapping into the camera embedded in Rivian’s pickup truck from Amazon screen-based services like Echo Show and Fire TV to check on whatever gear is stashed there.

RJ Scaringe wants to make this integration as the most seamless and comprehensive in the electric vehicle market, making the digital experience the best for the users in addition to Rivian´s vision, taking the driver to an excellent adventure with the most comfort as possible.

Rivian plans to integrate Alexa to the 100,000 electric delivery trucks that Amazon has ordered from the American Start-Up. Amazon will let Lamborghini use Alexa on its Huracán EVO sports car.


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