Tesla Battery Day Possibly Postponed to Mid-May

Elon Musk said Tesla Battery Day could be postponed to mid-May. The event was due to take place this month and was expected to feature the updated Tesla battery. Given the current global crisis, most public meetings have been canceled or delayed due to the pandemic.

Tesla Battery Day was one of the most exciting events for Tesla and its support community this year. The EV automaker was expected to present its latest technological discoveries and improvements to Tesla’s battery and drivetrain during the event. For example, more information about Tesla’s Plaid Model S could have been released during the event, since the company should also share details about the Plaid power train.

Also, in early 2020, news emerged that Tesla would use a cobalt-free battery from CATL, the battery supplier for the MIC Model 3 SR + of Giga Shanghai.

Regardless of its postponement, Tesla’s battery day will happen. After all, it is an important event for the company, its supporters, and investors. For now, the Tesla community will have to wait a little longer for battery day.

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