Rivian and Amazon Alexa: An Intresting Combination

On the latest Amazon re:MARS event, that took place in L.A. two big companies, Amazon itself and Rivian, revealed an integrated service between Alexa and the all-electric vehicles.

The model used on the demonstration was the R1T pickup. It will allow voice commands from the smart home feature. A video published on Twitter, Christian Hubbell (From Rivian) tests it, while he explains what comes with the innovation.

The event that revealed this latest integration happened during the 4th and 7th of June.

Amazon also had a 700 million dollar investment on the car company, which can boost the E.V. company on their plans. R.J. Scaringe, the CEO of the car company, was complimented, and it played a significant role in keeping Jeff Bezos (Amazon’s CEO) interested in the industry.

There are still many details available, but it sure does looks promising the integration. With an all- connected sistem, you could easily take care of the simple chores of the house and command your car in the palm of your hand.

There’ s a long road ahead, but with more collaborations between companies, the future will be achieved quickly.


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