Tesla Gigafactory Nevada Keeps Production During Coronavirus Crisis

Tesla announced that it will keep on the production and the workforce from the Gigafactory Nevada, but with a reduction of 75% of its employees: “Tesla has informed us that the Gigafactory in Storey County is reducing on-site staff by roughly 75% in the coming days. Our companies at TRIC are taking the COVID-19 matter seriously, and regularly report to us the measures they are taking to adhere to the established guidelines while maintaining essential operations. Checking employee temperatures, creating central access, allowing remote work, maintaining workstation distance, and others are occurring.” (source: Electrek).

Earlier this month, Tesla said they would keep with the operations: “Operations of our other facilities will continue, including Nevada and our service and Supercharging network.”

The automaker could have some delays because Panasonic, who is responsible for the production of cells at the Gigafactory Nevada, announced that the output is stopped during the coronavirus crisis. The good news is that Tesla will make some time to improve the production lines back in Nevada.

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