Elon Musk Offers Tesla Factory to Produce Medical Ventilators

Tesla’s CEO has proposed that the company start producing medical ventilators for patients affected by the coronavirus. The offer came after the United States appealed for donations of breathing masks amid a shortage of medical equipment in the country.

On Wednesday (18), the World Health Organization (WHO) initiated a dialogue with China to accelerate the production of medical ventilators used in patients with breathing difficulties and essential for those infected with COVID-19. Musk said that both Tesla and SpaceX, the rocket and space transport company founded by the billionaire, have factories equipped to produce mechanical fans. “It wouldn’t be difficult,” he said, adding that it would only take time to change the facility’s routine.

Tesla is not the first automaker to offer its factories for the production of medical equipment during the US COVID-19 crisis. General Motors and Ford were also willing to produce fans and other types of material missing from hospitals.

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