India is Getting its First Electric SUV: Kona Electronic by Hyundai

Hyundai has been taking over the Electric Vehicles scenario in India. And now they are launching its first Electric SUV, Kona Electronic.

The vehicle features a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery that can run 452kms on a single charge. The battery can be charged on two different options: a 50kW DC fast charger, that takes only 57 minutes to full up the battery or a 7.2kW wall box AC charger which will take 6 hours to do the same.

The option of fast charging thought is limited to select Hyundai dealerships and Indian Oil Corporation stations.

Another option to charge up the batteries of the EV is a portable charger provided by Hyundai, that comes with the car. What the customers can do is plug this charger into any three-pin 15 Amp socket, and a range of about 50kms is added to the vehicle, in a period of 3-hour charging.

No official date was released, but it is expected to launch in the next five years.

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