Renault Morphoz Concept Comes Full of Technology

Renault has just presented the Morphoz Concept, a prototype that was to be revealed during the recently canceled Geneva Motor Show. Due to this setback, the vehicle has finally been presented online.

The great novelty of this concept car is its ability to vary its length: the Morphoz is 4.46 meters long, but it can be lengthened both in front (in the area of ​​pillar A) and behind ( in the trunk section) until it reaches a length of 4.87 meters long.

Renault offers in the same model an SUV of the C segment and an SUV of the E segment. The objective is to combine a relatively “small” car for day-to-day life in the city, as well as a large vehicle for long trips. Besides, the increase in length not only allows the boot space to be increased, but the front “stretch” is used to add a second battery capable of expanding the range of the vehicle.

In its short version, the Morphoz uses a battery of 40 kWh capacity, which gives it an autonomy of about 400 km per charge. To improve the vehicle’s autonomy, after lengthening the chassis, it could be installed the second pack of 50 kWh that will allow the car to significantly increase the reach of the vehicle (up to 700 km).

The truth is that this solution, although interesting from a technical point of view, probably does not reach any production model. However, the Morphoz does allow us to imagine what Renault’s next electric C-SUV will be like; it also opens the possibility of the brand launching the vehicle with two bodies of different lengths.

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