The First V2G Loaders will Arrive in Australia in 2020

V2G (“Vehicle to Grid”) technology has been developed for many years by numerous energy providers, such as companies specializing in charging points and electric car manufacturers. Thanks to this solution, the electricity stored in The batteries of an electric car can be intelligently discharged to the network, helping to stabilize demand at peak times and reducing the user’s bill when charging at times of low need.

At the end of the year, the Australian supplier JET Charge will sell its first domestic charging point with V2G technology. The company’s executive director, Tim Washington, says that all those users who decide to use a V2G charging point will be able to store, use, and sell the energy of their electric car batteries, becoming both consumers and suppliers.

Australia is a country in which certain regions suffer from some instability in the electricity supply. Strengthening the network through bi-directional charging technology could be very beneficial (for example, electric cars would absorb excess solar energy, returning it to the system later).

Currently, only vehicles with CHAdeMO connectors can use this technology, although it is expected that by 2025 the European standard CCS Combo 2 will also become compatible.

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