Tesla Receives Permission to Proceed with the Operations to Build the German Gigafactory

Tesla has received the definitive permission to begin cutting down the grove that occupies the space where the European Gigafactory will be.

The court has published a statement today in which it rejected urgent requests by some environmental groups to stop cutting down trees, adding that the decision was final. Thanks to this, Tesla will be able to continue with its plans to start production as planned in July 2021. A factory that will have a maximum capacity of 500,000 units per year, and will also have a production facility for batteries

But Tesla still has some front to overcome that concerns the economic aspect of the operation. The American automaker has reached an agreement with the federal government for the acquisition of the land with a price of 41 million euros. A cost for a property of 300 hectares that from some sectors has been criticized for being too low, and that now must pass an independent valuation to know if it has been below the market price. This could mean a somewhat higher bill for the manufacturer.

But everything indicates that this aspect will also be settled without significant problems, perhaps with a slightly higher bill for Tesla, but something that will not entail a break in the budget of an installation that will cost around 4,000 million euros. It will also give work to about 10,000 people.

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