Tesla Signs the Contract for the Purchase of the Land of the German Gigafactory

In total, Tesla has bought 300 hectares where it will build between 2020 and 2021, which will be its fourth factory, and the automaker is looking for some help from the German government. For all the Gigafactories, Tesla has had some help, either on the reduction of taxes or some government financial program.

Looking through a different perspective, the German Federal Government sold the land for a low price. In total, Tesla will hardly pay 41 million euros for the plot, which means a cost of 13.50 euros per square meter. Figures that in nearby places are almost three times above that figure.

From the administration, it is indicated that the difference is that Tesla’s land is not urbanized, and therefore its cost is much lower. Another of the fronts Tesla is facing is the cutting down of the trees that currently cover their land. A process that does not have significant difficulties or controversy since it is not a protected area, but a recently planted pine forest and of which Tesla has committed to restoring the felled surface three times. But it will have to be completed by the end of the month of February.

The reason is that the protection period for breeding birds enters into force on March 1, which means that trees cannot be cut down in the region. The good news for Tesla is that the area to be cut will be less than estimated, being 90 hectares. In case of failure to comply or that any impediment stops them, they will have to wait until September 30, which will be when the logging permit is reopened. A process that they hope to begin to carry out once the specialists have inspected the ground and cleaned of bombs from the Second World War and other waste.

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