Volkswagen Prioritizes the Production of ID.4X over ID.3

The MEB modular platform is one of the fundamental pieces of Volkswagen’s ambitious electrification plan. At the moment, Volkswagen is only manufacturing a single model based on this platform: ID.3. This electric compact, whose first deliveries will begin in August 2020, is produced in the German factory in Zwickau, and it is expected that only this year some 100,000 units of the model will be manufactured (without the SEAT el-Born, its planned twin brother by the end of the year).

After ID.3, the arrival of ID.4X is planned, an SUV of segment D whose production will also begin this year. Unlike ID.3, this model will be sold globally, so despite its higher price, it probably has higher sales than its brothers. The production of the ID.4X should be added to the Skoda Enyaq, derived from the Volkswagen SUV.

The Volkswagen ID.3/SEAT el-Born and Volkswagen ID.4X/Skoda Enyaq will all be manufactured at the Zwickau plant. Because of this, Volkswagen has had to recalculate the production numbers of all of them, and finally, the company has decided to increase the rate of ID.4X compared to that of ID.3. The objective would be to cover the global demand for this SUV, at least until production begins in local markets (for example, it is planned to start manufacturing in the United States by 2022).

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