Toyota Creates an Electric Vehicle with Reusable Batteries

Toyota Motor will release an ultra-compact electric car with a standardized battery that could be used in homes.

The new model will be for one or two passengers, and it will include a reusable battery that can be checked over time until it can be reused at home after it has deteriorated to a certain point. The car’s battery will be replaced.

This battery would be sold to Panasonic or utilities like Chubu Electric Power to create a new and secure, cost-effective recycling system. The battery is expected to have 8 kilowatt-hours of capacity, which is enough to power lights and personal devices for a family of four for a couple of days.

Some other companies are also trying to find new ways of recycling those batteries, such as Itochu, BYD, Marubeni, and Nissan Motor.

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