The Lucid Air Production will be Presented in Europe in April

Lucid has confirmed that the production version will be presented this April during the New York Auto Show and are open for European reservations around late 2021.

There are two-engine system with a combined power of 1,000 hp, which will catapult the Air up to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. Regarding the battery, so far, there were two capacities: one of 100 kWh and another of 130 kWh. Some packs that, according to the company, have been developed together with Samsung and that allow having around 500 kilometers of autonomy in the case of the pack of 100 kWh, and 650 kilometers in the case of the pack of 130 kWh. Data of the concept presented three years ago, and that it is possible to receive some modifications.

Lucid has raised high expectations with the information that the access version of the Air will be around $60,000. A figure that seems quite complicated if we pay attention to the prices that the competition handles, and that possibly it is its own Model 3 Standard, which has been announced but almost nobody has managed to see. An aspect that is perhaps solved, as usual, starting production with the most capable and equipped versions and the most expensive, but that can not be done too much since it will come at a time where the competition will be more robust than ever.

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