Neuron EV VEGA Specs

The VEGA (Versatile Electric Grand Automobile) is a kind of crossover from Neuron EV automaker.

The VEGA sits on the same modular platform as the other two models of the brand. According to Neuron EV, this architecture will allow you to offer the comfort of tourism with the resistance of a truck. Thus, the truck chassis will give excellent structural rigidity to the VEGA with a length of 16 feet (4.87 meters), 6.5 feet wide (1.98 meters), and 5.5 feet (167 meters) high. At the same time, the electric powertrain will allow excellent efficiency and smoothness.

The space for the battery is optimized, while the high height allows a driving position that prioritizes visibility. This model, which has exterior dimensions similar to those of an Audi e-Tron, has a five-door body and a large passenger compartment approved for five passengers.

Casey Hun, head of the Neuron EV brand, declares the following: “Our vehicles are functional and straightforward, emphasize ease of use, reliability, and quality. We work to change humanity so that everyone contributes to making the future better by using cars powered by clean energy. Our bet is solid, and our vehicles are pure for that same reason. Simple means reliable from the inside.”

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