ID Buzz Will be the First Volkswagen to Use Level 4 Driving Technology

During the CES in Las Vegas, Volkswagen has confirmed that the Buzz ID will be the first model equipped with the group’s autonomous driving system. A technology that will receive a strong economic boost from the German manufacturer that has created its separate division to accelerate its work.

This new division will be called Volkswagen Autonomy. Its objective will be to take the shortest path to put on the market a leading autonomous driving technology. This allows the vehicle to reach a Level 4 that will mean the car can move on its own without needing driver supervision. However, a driver will have to be present in the vehicle.

Volkswagen has indicated that they expect sales of these types of vehicles to not be limited to just private fleets. The individual channel will have an active role in the coming years, surpassing professional uses in the medium term. Something that will require a substantial reduction in costs, or else we will be facing a fascinating technology but reserved only for those willing to pay the considerable cost overrun in its first phase.

But the most important thing is that the big groups have thrown themselves upside down for the development of autonomous driving technology. With this, depending on the manufacturer, they will begin to offer level 3 proposals from 2020-2021, and that as we will see will not need too much to make the jump to level 4.

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