An Electric and Solar Bike With 800 Liters of Trunk

Wello Family is an electric tricycle that proposes a compact body, 2.2 meters long, and 82 cm wide, which is also covered and a design designed for the transport of goods. This is thanks to a trunk where we can accommodate a good amount of materials thanks to its 800 liters capacity. There will also be a family version, able to accommodate an adult and up to two children.

The power comes from a motor of 1 kW of nominal power, which can reach about 1.6 kW of maximum power. Enough to move the vehicle to a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

The autonomy, on the other hand, is a complicated fact, since the brand has indicated that the Wello Family can travel up to 100 kilometers with each load. Optionally you can mount a series of photovoltaic panels that help you recharge your batteries with the sun, which can increase its autonomy.

Wello Family is a connected bicycle, and the user can analyze their daily use through a mobile application since the data is sent in real-time to the cloud. It also has geolocation, very useful in case of theft, and for the management of fleets that will be able to access the software necessary for its operation and that will be provided by the company.

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