Tesla Confirms the Start of Semi Production in the Second Half of 2020

In an internal letter to its customers, Tesla has confirmed the progress of the development of its electric truck. The Semi A model will reach the market this year to revolutionize the heavy transport sector, and it seems that it has managed to solve some design problems that threatened to delay its launch.

When the Tesla Semi was introduced to the world at the end of 2017, many were surprised by the benefits announced by the revolutionary electric truck. Although the Semi promised a cost similar to a diesel truck, it offered a range well above that of any other battery-powered vehicle, between 480 km or 800 km under the realistic EPA approval cycle, depending on the version. Numbers that have subsequently indicated would improve in the final version thanks to the constant evolution of the batteries. This will allow the most capable versions to reach 1,000 kilometers of autonomy.

Many companies such as Walmart, FedEx, Frito Lay rushed to book this truck that, in addition to offering them significant savings in operating costs, will give them a technological, sustainable, and avant-garde image.


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