Volkswagen Plans to Sell 1 Million Electric Cars By 2023

Volkswagen wants to become one of the leading electric car manufacturers in medium-term sales. The German conglomerate has developed several modular platforms that will reduce the cost and complexity of the development of its future electric models. This will make it more competitive against rivals such as Tesla, the Hyundai group, or the Renault-Nissan Alliance-Mitsubishi.

The first model to settle on the MEB modular platform will be the already presented Volkswagen ID.3. Later, more electric vehicles will join, from affordable utilities in the B segment to medium-sized SUVs such as the Volkswagen ID.4X, the Skoda Vision iV, or the Audi Q4 e-Tron.

The PPE platform will be released by the second generation of the Porsche Macan and the Audi A5 e-Tron. This architecture will accommodate larger batteries than the MEB, more powerful electric motors, systems such as steering wheels.

Volkswagen will feature a massive electric car range in record time. The group had the objective of reaching sales of one million electric cars by 2025. However, now the company has set a much more ambitious goal: instead of by 2025, it plans to sell one million electric vehicles by 2023.

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