Enovate ME7: The First Electric Car in the World With Solid Electrolyte Batteries

The industry considers solid electrolyte batteries as the future of the electric car. This technology will allow a much broader autonomy thanks to a higher energy density, reduced load times due to its greater thermal stability, durability, and safety in the event of a much more serious accident, etc.

Enovate presented ME7, an SUV unveiled during the 2019 ChinaEV100 Forum in Beijing. This vehicle will begin mass production in the short term, although at the moment, it does not seem that its launch to the market won’t be until 2021. This makes it virtually the first electric car with solid electrolyte batteries on the market.

According to the company, its technology has been tested by European, Chinese, and Japanese car manufacturers since 2016. However, for reasons of confidentiality, they cannot reveal information about their specific customers or the plans they have to launch vehicles with their vehicle technology.


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