Ford Studies to Launch a Smaller Mustang Mach-E on the Volkswagen MEB Platform

Ford currently has deals with numerous manufacturers to develop electric vehicles with external technology: Chinese JAC, American Rivian, Indian Mahindra, and Volkswagen itself. However, the brand also has its electrical technology, as the promising Mustang Mach-E shows, that the company presented a few weeks ago.

This segment D will be available with two batteries: the Standard Range (75.7 kWh) and the Extended Range (98.8 kWh), in both cases with liquid cooling and LG Chem cells. These batteries can be combined with two configurations.
Mechanical: rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD). There will be five different powertrains: Standard Range RWD; Standard Range AWD; Extended Range RWD; Extended Range AWD; and GT (this last variant will have the Extended Range battery and AWD all-wheel drive; however, it will be more performance than the standard Extended Range AWD).

The American EPA approval cycle, the model’s range would remain at 370 km, 338 km, 483 km, 435 km, and 402 km, respectively. These figures are higher than those of its biggest rival, the Tesla Model Y. Besides, you can access fast loads at 150 kW of direct current power. However, it seems that Ford will only use its advanced proprietary technology on some models, a decision that may respond to the need to save costs.

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