The Best Rivian Pictures

The impressive electric vehicles by Rivian are very good looking. Taking that with great promised specs, the two models that are about to come will be a success on the market.

With this in mind, The Next Avenue decided to gather the best images of the upcoming EVs. After all, looks are also something essential for vehicles. They might be attractive enough for people looking to change their cars.

It is important to note that all the images below are EVs that have been officially revealed from the automaker.

Kitchen Camp
One of the coolest features from the electric truck, R1T, is extremely useful especially for adventurous people, the target public for Rivian. It comes with utensils and the battery of the car powers the stove.

Customized Blue Version
The models presented by Rivian had, for a long time, only two colors: Green and Silver. Even though they are great colors for the models proposed, the fans of the carmaker wanted to see if the EVs would look good in different tones. As we said before, the looks are important. People took one of Rivian stock images and added colors to them as just an example of how they would look. Surprising customers, Rivian decided to show an R1T customized in blue. This new appearance of the truck showed the customers a materialization of their so wanted wish.

Amazon Vans Concept
After Amazon ordered 100,000 electric vans from Rivian, the carmaker will have to start the production of the EVs soon, since they are planned to hit the road in 2021. The Vans didn’t have any specs revealed, but concept images were shown on the internet. It even created speculation on the matter of using the same “style” of the van for an RV. Do you think it is a good idea for an electric RV?

Rivian for Campers
It is no secret that the trucks from RJ Scaringe’s company are directed towards adventurous people. The off-road style from both R1T and R1S is designed to endure the most fun situations outside the city. The trunk space fits a whole tent creating a more comfortable space to sleep on campsites.

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