Tesla Model Y With Model S/X ‘Slipstream’ Wheels Spotted Long Range Testing In MI

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A Tesla Model Y has been spotted over 2,400 miles away from Fremont, CA, with an electric car enthusiast capturing a photo and video of the upcoming vehicle in Bay City, MI. Particularly interesting in the recent sighting were some components of the Model Y; namely, its wheels and front air intake. 

Previous Model Y sightings have hinted at Tesla’s efforts to test its crossover SUV’s long-range capabilities. Over the past weeks, a Midnight Silver Model Y with Power Sports Aero Wheels was spotted in WA, and an all-black prototype was sighted in Columbus, OH, over 2,000 miles away from CA. This time around, a red Model Y was spotted in Bay City, MI, a location that is also a very long way away from Tesla’s Fremont factory and headquarters. 

Read The Full Article On: Teslarati


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