Tesla Model 3 Used in Taxi Fleets in Madison, Winconsin

The city of Madison, Wisconsin just updated its taxi fleet with all-electric EVs. The vehicle chosen was the Tesla Model 3.

In an action to improve the environment of the city, the company Green Cab Madison decided to upgrade from hybrid vehicles to all-electric. The name used before was the Toyota Prius. They replaced all 40 of them.

It is no secret that having electric vehicles has more benefits than an ICE. Not only for the cost of the car itself but maintenance as well. Also, the fact that taxi rides can sometimes be shared, the usage of the vehicle saves power, only running the miles needed once.

The cost to recharge it will be better than regular gas-fueled cars.

With access to Teslas and other types of cars, people will start to pay more attention to the changes in mobility. Countries like Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands already use Teslas as their vehicles for some of its taxi services.

What are your thoughts? Would it be better if your city chose to use EVs for their taxi system as well? Let us know.


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