Ultraviolette Reveals New Electric Bike: F77

The India-based company just revealed the F77, an electric motorcycle that has been under development since 2017. The date of the official reveal is November 13th, which means it is just a month away.

With the debut set for next month, Ultraviolette wanted to tease possible customers by giving a single image of the model, a video, and some of the specs. The thing is, the image shows very little of the design. The video even less.

The F77 will feature a 25kW (34hp) motor, a torque of 450 Nm, and an acceleration of 37 mph in 3 seconds. This adventurous bike didn’t have the range or battery capacity revealed yet, but an image of the plugin on the electric motorcycle can create some speculation.

There will be three different riding models: Eco, Insane, and Sport.

On the Ultraviolette website, you can check out the video of the F77 making a ‘Test Track.’


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