Hyundai Plans to Invest $35 Billion in Future Mobility Technology

The Korean automaker Hyundai announced it has plans to direct $35 billion to tech for autonomous and electric cars.

With the constant growth of the change in mobility scenario, carmakers can find themselves behind sometimes. Hyundai, one of the biggest names on the market, does not want to let this happen.

The company promised to launch 23 different kinds of EVs by 2025, which is not that far away. The investment even tops one of the biggest names, Volkswagen, that said it would direct $30 Billion.

The plan of having half of its fleet being electric puts a spotlight on Hyundai, that according to its president, Moon Jae-in, “is to become the number one country for future car competitiveness by 2030.”

South Korea is one of the most powerful allies of the carmaker since the country made a pledge to spend $1.9 Billion in switching the necessary technology.

This partnership, with this amount of money, will probably bring a lot of good results, especially when it comes to Hyundai. What do you want to see from it?

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