Volkswagen Shows an Amazing New Feature on ID.3

The new feature on the vehicle by Volkswagen can be considered a futuristic one, and it is called Intelligent ID. Light Concept.” 

The main idea of this new tech is to talk to the driver through lights while driving the vehicle. It will come to the market on its popular new EVs, the ID.3.

Here is what the automaker shared with the public:

Not only does this car’s voice control obey your every word, but the ID.3 also communicates visually with its occupants – thanks to the completely new intelligent ID. Light concept. An LED strip that runs across the cockpit assists the driver by changing color according to the current function. Once they have settled into the driver seat, ID. Light signals to the driver that the vehicle’s drive system is active and that the car has been unlocked or locked. It accentuates information issued by the driver assist and navigation systems, and signals braking prompts and incoming phone calls. In conjunction with the navigation system, ID. Light reduces the stress of driving in traffic. By blinking, it recommends changing lane and can also warn the driver if their ID.3 is in the wrong lane. ID. Light also supports voice control: it responds to the voices of vehicle occupants by sending a light signal. This indicates whether the voice control assistant is responding to the driver or the front passenger.”

It’s fun to see that the car can use the space available to develop some features that are unique to the model. It also comes with a green light to indicate a full battery pack and red for braking maneuvers.

Here is a video by Modsynergy Youtube channel that shows the interior of the car. At the end you will be able to see the lights at work.

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