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The ‘Tesla Effect’ Is Wrecking Europe’s Luxury Brands In The 2nd-Hand Market

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There was once a time when plush leather seats, chrome-trimmed knobs, metal buttons, and a loud, grumbling engine were the hallmarks of a luxury vehicle. That was the status quo for a very long time, but with the emergence of Tesla and its tech-focused approach to cars, these age-old definitions of luxury in the automotive industry are getting disrupted.  

In a recent article, American bank holding firm Capital One opted to examine a phenomenon in the second-hand luxury car segment that it dubs as “The Tesla Effect.” According to the financial firm, the influx of sales generated by Tesla consumers’ reaction to the brand amid the release of more attainable vehicles like the Model 3 has pretty much wrecked the pre-owned luxury segment. And the biggest victims of the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker are some of Europe’s strongest brands. 

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Read The Full Article On: Teslarati

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