BMW Plans i1 Electric Car to Come in 2021

The German automaker, BMW, has plans to reveal a new fleet of cars with all of them available on the market by 2023. Until then, around 12 new vehicles will be created.

While following the line, BMW has been showing sneak peeks of its new cars. Now at an interview for Autoexpress, the head of the company’s I Division, Robert Irlinger, talked about the process of creation of a new EV based on the 1 series.

“Even in the front-drive architecture, you will see fully electrified cars,” he told us. “You will see electrification in our whole portfolio. (…) Whatever they (customers) demand they can get – a plug-in hybrid X3, a fully-electric 4 Series, too. That’s a big step and a big change in our strategy.”

The looks of the cars won’t be so different from some models we already know, so it is expected for the appearance to be similar to the 1 series.

What are your thoughts on the shifting to the iCar models by the automaker?

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