Sur Ron’s New Electric Motorcycle: Voge ER 10

The new electric motorcycle, called Voge ER 10, brings good specs to the market and at a reasonable price.

Voge 10 comes as the first e-bike from Sur Ron. It comes with the capacity to hit 62 mph at its top speed, an output of 14kW, and torque of 42 Nm. The motor has a 6 kW power.

The price will be around $4,750; which is really impressive with the crescent cost of electric motorcycles being revealed.

Here are some images of the Voge ER 10:

VOGE 10 is actually a new version of the claimed ‘White Ghost,’ from the company itself. The new e-bike was revealed at the China International Motorcycle Show. It also has plans to also be presented at the Milan Motorcycle Show, which will happen in a month.

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