Mazda Confirms the Reveal of Its First EV at Tokyo Motor Show

A video posted on the Mazda Europe Youtube channel announced what we can expect from the Tokyo Motor Show on October 23.

One of the companies that has been reluctant to switch to electric energy is finally entering the new world. Better late than never. Mazda has quite a reliable name on gas-fueled cars but is has already frustrated its customers when it comes to EVs.

When related to the specs of the car, there are no outstanding features that can actually attract someone to a Mazda. The prototypes featured a 35.5kWh battery, 105kW (142hp) of power, and 264Nm of torque. No official numbers were officially released, but the range of the car could be somewhere in between 120-140 miles.

No price was revealed either, but the cost-benefit probably won’t be worthy of buying. The images of the car are only a camouflaged prototype.

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