Mitsubishi’s New PHEV – First Images

The image of the new SUV by Mitsubishi comes to the eyes of the public just one month before the Tokyo Motor Show, happening from October 24 to November 4.

The image revealed by the carmaker doesn’t show much on the SUV, but it is enough to tease some possible customers.

The PHEV is not exactly what you expect companies to choose when going to electrification mode. All-electric cars are already a thing over the market, but maybe Mitsubishi is trying to work with the best tech to create an EV.

As the carmaker stated, the EV will be “a downsized, lower-weight plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) drivetrain.”

Another PHEV by Mitsubishi is the Outlander. The Outlander has been on the market since 2014, and has had pretty good sales since then.

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