Projekt E Rallycross Has One More Model in the Race

The new race championship, happening in 2020, called Projekt E will only feature electric vehicles in its line up.

The excitement to see the EVs performing on a race is continuously growing, and now there’s another car coming up.

STARD built the powertrain, that will produce 450kW combined power, 1100 newton meters of instantaneous torque, and a top speed of 149 mph.

The Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, Paul Bellamy, talked about the unveiling of the car:

“The car we revealed today is the result of months of collaboration with our technical partner, STARD. That work has centered on developing electric technologies, charging and safety systems for the Projekt E racecars. (…)This collaboration is further proof of IMG’s commitment to future mobility and relevant technologies in the rugged rallycross environment.”

When talking about the Rallycross, Bellamy stated:

“Rallycross is known for rapid launches and fast-paced, wheel-to-wheel action. The advanced technology which powers the Projekt E racecar will produce torque levels we have never seen in rallycross before. (…)It’s an exciting time for the sport of rallycross. Our aim with the new-look race weekend format for 2020, with the inclusion of Projekt E, is to allow rallycross fans to enjoy the traditional internal combustion engines – and be given a flavor of the future at the same time.”

What are your expectations on the Rallycross? Do you think that the competition with EVs will be as good as the ones with gas-fueled cars, or will it be better?

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