Tokyo Motor Show Will Be the Debut for Mazda’s New EV Brand

After a sneak peek of a camouflaged version of a new Mazda EV, the carmaker now announced that the new EV brand for the company would be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The expectations of the company are to put their first EVs on the roads in 2020. Mazda will offer not only the all-electric option but also hybrid models.

Related to the specs of the car, the prototypes featured a 35.5kWh battery, 105kW (142hp) of power, and 264Nm of torque. No official numbers were officially released, but the range of the car could be somewhere in between 120-140 miles.

Mazda is extremely late in the race to catch up with the EVs that are dominant on the market. If it ever reaches the market on time to compete, these specs will not convince customers, that for the cost-benefit, can choose any other better carmaker.

Prices might not be attractive as well, we will have to wait until the official unveilings start. Mazda might not have enough resources so far, but it’s about time for them to start in the field.

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