General Motors vs. Tesla: Software Engineer Pay

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If you believe the hype coming out of the tech industry, autonomous driving is the future of how we’ll get around. And there’s perhaps no bigger hype-driver than Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who breezily predicted earlier this year that vehicles will become almost fully autonomous by mid-2020 or so

Of course, Musk has predicted that degree of autonomy for years—at one point, he also said that “full self-driving” features would arrive in Tesla vehicles by 2019. Nonetheless, Musk is just one of the many technologists working towards our self-driving future; his company is locked in fierce competition with Waymo, a Google subsidiary that has been piloting self-driving taxicabs on the mean streets of suburban Phoenix, as well as Uber (which has experienced some autonomous-driving setbacks) and the “traditional” auto industry.

Read The Full Article On: Insights

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