Apple’s Autonomous Car Spotted in the Streets of California

Pictures posted on the website show the autonomous car by Apple on the streets of Cupertino, California. It’s not the first time it’s been seen in the wild.

Apple has been working hard on developing an autonomous car that can self-drive. The company has been counting on several engineers and professionals in the area to ensure that the product, Project Titan, can have one of the best outcomes in the market.

Apple has names that previously worked on Tesla, and even plans on wireless charging for the EV.

Here are some images of the car:

The Apple autonomous vehicle was suspected to feature a LiDAR created by the company itself. A LiDAR is a laser-based radar usually used to track the roads in front of and behind the car to a distance of around 100 meters.

The vehicle spotted has not shown any equipment that looks similar to a LiDAR. This can mean a shift to all-cameras features to track the road. Another company that uses these cameras is Tesla.

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