Porsche Increases Participation Inside Rimac to 15.5%

Jumping from the 10% previously established between the two carmakers, Porsche and Rimac are now getting a closer relationship.

The German carmaker is walking towards the path of improving the electrification of its units. Even creating new cars for the market, such as the Taycan, Porsche seems interested in the Croatian company and what they have to offer. The vehicle from the company, the C_Two, has yet to launch.

The main focus of Rimac Automobili has actually turned to the technology presented inside the EVs, instead of several car models. It focuses on the battery tech, electric powertrain, and more.

Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board at Porsche, said:

“Porsche has been supporting Rimac and its positive development for a year now. We quickly realized that Porsche and Rimac can learn a lot from each other. We believe in what Mate Rimac and his company have to offer, which is why we have now increased our stake and intend to intensify our collaboration in the field of battery technology.”

What are your thoughts on Porsche being more participative inside another automobile company? What could come from this partnership?


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