A Report Announces That Bugatti Might Be Working on an Electric Vehicle

The website Motor Authority made a report this Monday announcing that Bugatti wants to release an electric SUV.

Bugatti has wanted to create a second model line for the past ten years. Now the focus is on the SUV that will be electric. Here are some details reported on the website:

“Bugatti wants to launch a three-door SUV with a high-performance battery-electric powertrain potentially developed with German engineering firm Edag or Rimac. The latter, which is partially owned by fellow Volkswagen Group brand Porsche, is already supplying the high-performance powertrain of its C_Two hypercar for Pininfarina’s upcoming Battista.”

The plan to create an EV from such a big company as Bugatti is a good one, but not many Infos are available yet to come to any conclusion. Let’s hope it comes soon enough to compete with other EVs at the same level.


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