Nissan and EVgo Will Implement 200 Other Units of Charging Stations in the US

Extending their partnership, Nissan and EVgo announced the installation of 200 more fast-charging stations in the US.

For the past six years, the two companies have been working very well on delivering around 2,000 charging stations for electric vehicles.

Aditya Jairaj, director of Marketing at Nissan in North America, said:

“Nissan is proud to have partnered with EVgo to build the largest public EV fast-charging network in the U.S. Given the tremendous driver response to the 2019 long-range1 all-electric LEAF, Nissan and EVgo will accelerate fast charging by committing to a multi-year charger construction program that will continue to expand fast-charging options for EV drivers across the country.”

The companies also noted that “each of the new fast-chargers is capable of delivering 100kW and have both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors so more EV drivers can benefit,” showing an impressive commitment of both EVgo and Nissan to change the scenario on the EV market, especially in the US, where more incentive is needed.

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