Tesla to Start Selling Cars in India as Soon as 2020

If you live in India, we have some good news. Tesla might start selling cars in the country as soon as 2020.

In the SpaceX’s 2019 Hyperloop Pod Competition, Elon Musk stated to students attending the event that Teslas could be on the Indian roads next year. The exchange was made to the Avishkar Hyperloop Team, that was part of the competition.

“Musk said it is probably going to happen in a year,” the school noted.

The start of the Tesla operation in Indian soil is being speculated for a while now. Last March the CEO tweeted that he would love to start selling in India by 2019 or 2020. He also stated that the only reason for it not happened yet is due regulations.

It’s not clear if all the models or just the Model 3 and or Y would be sold at Indian territory and price it’s even more than a mystery.

The Indian car market is enormous. Last year it was sold more than 3.4 million cars. In comparison, in the US the number was a bit shy of 5.5 million. That means an excellent opportunity for Tesla. If they play their cards right.


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