Fiat Chrysler is Investing 788 Million Dollars to Make 80,000 EVs

Fiat Chrysler will start a line of an electric version of Fiat 500 and will invest around 788 million dollars for it.

The plan, according to FCA, is to build 80,000 models a year, with an option to increase the amount of cars produced. It will start on the second quarter of 2020.

The amount of money invested in this production line is part of an action by FCA to invest 5 billion euro on Italy. The company has installed the first robot of the production line in Turin, as an executive from the carmaker, Pietro Gorlier, told Reuters.

The action is great. And with a goal to be achieved in such a short time, Fiat might become a great EV seller in at least one European country. Along with that, the electric buses also coming to Milan shows that Italy is starting to change its mind about proper vehicles to transportation.

Check the first image of the Fiat 500 EV:

Source: InsideEVS

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