Jaguar Enters the Run on EVs with the XJ

Jaguar Land Rover announced a millionaire investment on Electric Vehicles in the United Kingdom.

The first vehicle announced by the company to be a part of the EV line is the Electric XJ, being yet the only one confirmed. The production will take place at the Castle Bromwich plant, that will
be converted into an “electrified vehicle plant.”

The company stated that from 2020 forward, it will offer an electrified option for all the new Jaguar and Land Rover, but the official release date to the XJ is still unknown.

Jaguar, concerned with the dependence on foreign material to manufacture the batteries, is calling out the industry and even the government to work together. With that, they can create a supply chain on battery production inside the UK.

Being the biggest carmaker in the UK the past year, it is essential for them to keep the customers around, and being aware of the changes happening on the market is even more important. Switching some models to the EV line is an inventive step.

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