Toyota Testing Solar Panels for a Range Increase

The Japanese company just announced tests on its Electric Cars using solar panels to increase the vehicle’s range. According to Toyota, it could add 35 miles (56km) to it.

The vehicle is covered on its hood, roof, and back part with the solar panels. The efficiency of the cells can convert solar power at a 34% rate. This rate generates 860 watts of power.

Toyota hasn’t mentioned a market release of the product, but it is not the first time the company has been working on the matter. It began with an optional feature to the Prius model. It helped running the AC with a small 50- watt panel.

It is always important that we have a variety of sources to work on feeding power sources, but solar panels might not always be the smartest option since it is easier to break, causing more damage to the vehicle and even bringing more expenses to the car owner.

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