Rivian Hiring Names From Tesla, Ford Apple and Other Big Companies

The American company of Electric Vehicles, Rivian, has been growing on the market. That attracts not only customers but professionals that might want invest in the company.

According to an article on InsideEvs, The Verge researched Linkedin profiles, which led them to discover that professionals that once were in companies such as Ford, Apple, Tesla, and more.

Rivian has now around 750 employees, but it has not been easy to keep the company up. It had to fire some of its workers, which can even mean that the headquarters might be sold.

With the new minds, Rivian might find some way to pay the bills, while the vehicles, such as R1T and R1S, are not available on the market. They want six different products carrying their name by 2025.

Rivian is very promising, but the financial issue is, of course, a problem. If they don’t sort it out as soon as possible, they might get behind on the EV race.


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