Hans Zimmer and BMW Are Working Together

Famous movie composer, Hans Zimmer is working with BMW to develop sounds for the next electric vehicles of the company.

EVs are already famous for being silent, which is a considerable change from the noises made by gasoline-fueled cars. But to increase the experience of driving, the sound engineer of the car company, Renzo Vitale, stated:

“Under the brand name “BMW IconicSounds Electric” a visionary sound offer will be created for future electrified vehicles from BMW.

The development and composition for the sound of the Vision M NEXT were mainly inspired by light installations from James Turrell and Ólafur Elíasson.

In particular, Turrell realized works known for the illusion of an infinite space, which creates a magical experience for the spectator. The idea behind the Vision M NEXT is to recreate this sense of wonder through sound.”

Even though it is no need to add sounds to the EV, BMW is trying to captivate the consumer through a different kind of experience, exploring different senses and trying to make their vehicle unique.

Source of the topic: https://electrek.co/2019/06/24/hans-zimmer-bmw-electric/


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