Already worth $2.5 billion, Aurora Innovation just raised another $600 million

Companies such as Hyundai and Kia backed up an investment of $600 million to the Electric car company, alongside with Tesla’s shareholder, Baillie Gifford.

Partnerships with Amazon, Shell Ventures, Geodesic, and other investors are backers of Aurora, and now with the two car companies, a good amount of connections can provide good fund for the company.

Aurora’s co-founder stated that with all the partners, the company would converge to deliver a “power platform (with) benefits of self- driving technology safely, quickly and broadly.”

Investing in the Autonomous Vehicles market, the Hyundai Group’s chief innovation officer, said. “Working closely with industry leaders around the world will help us develop fully self-driving vehicles that are safe and innovative for our customers,” he said in a statement.

It looks like autonomous driving can also be an essential way to invest in the future of vehicles. Companies are slowly shifting the business future, and these are some of the steps to reach a sustainable outcoming.

Source: Business Insider

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