StoreDot Batteries Took Only Five Minutes to Charge an Electric Scooter

With an outstanding demonstration of its capacity, the Israeli company StoreDot, that develops their batteries with lithium ions, charged an electric scooter in a matter of five minutes.

The impressive numbers achieved by the company -that made its demonstration backed up by BP, British Petroleum- tends to be a trademark for the company.

It is StoreDot’s first step to show the “capability of the technology,” as Doron Myersdorf, the company’s CEO said. With enough power to travel 70 kilometers when fully charged.
The plan is to put the batteries out in 2021, and no values were discussed yet

With every single step being taken to advance technology it looks like Electric Vehicles will be the commuting future. What is said to be a significant problem with Evs, the charging seems to be taking a new turn, and we might expect new and better features soon.

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