Mazda Will Launch Their First EV in 2020

Last week Toyota presented their plans for electric models. Today is time for Mazda to do the same.

In an interview for Automotive News Europe, Akira Marumoto, Mazda CEO, said that the company will introduce an EV in 2020. The car will be built on a Mazda architecture. We don’t know yet what that means but appears that this project will not be a joint one.

They are preparing to lunch a couple of hybrids as well, coming around 2021.

Most car manufacturers are feeling a lot of pressure to “electrify” their inventory. We hear every day about new laws wanting to ban ICE cars in the next 20 years. If they’re going to remain relevant, they need to start building a lot of EV models.

We don’t know if Mazda is going to simply put electric motors in some of their existing platforms or 100% new vehicles are coming. I personally would love to see a version of the Mazda – MX5.

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