Rivian and the Veichle to Veichle Charging

Rivian is planning to implement their cars with” vehicle to vehicle” charging For their next cars.

The American company is still planning on how to do it, but according to the company’s CEO, R.J. Scaringe, the new feature could be available on the upcoming E.V.s.

Being a significant problem with the Electric Vehicle industry, the charging time is still something that pushes people away from this alternative.

Now, as the technology is available to do so, as seen in the new generation of smartphones, it can be really easy to adapt the specific needs to transform it into an Electric car feature.

With the idea presented by Scaringe, it becomes clear that: This should have been thought a long time ago, facilitating customers lives with charging issues and from now, different companies that are focusing on the E.V future can now start to talk about it and develop a competition to see who will be the one to break in the market.

Who do you think it will be the first to introduce this kind of features? Let us know in the comments.

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